Salmon Season Is Here!

1st Oct - 31st March

Salmon Season on Lake Mapourika, Franz Josef!

Salmon Season has kicked off as of the 1st October 2018 and will be running through until the 31st March 2019.


The Quinnat Salmon were released into NZ Waters in the late 1800’s and are now well established in a few of the South Westland Rivers. The Quinnat Salmon are the largest of all Salmon in NZ waters. They average about 75 cm in length and weigh about 8 kg. The prime time for the larger sea run Salmon is December and January, however Lake Mapourika also has plenty of stock Salmon which are slightly smaller but a lot tastier!

Breeding: In March the breeding Salmon enter rivers and stop feeding and begin their upstream migration to the spawning grounds (reaching here in about late April). The female lays her eggs into a scrape in a gravel stream bed her mate fertilises them and she covers them in gravel. Both parents die within a day or two, the eggs then hatch 60-200 days later.


Our Tours: We offer 2 -hour and 3-hour fishing tours in which you will make your way around the best fishing spots on Lake Mapourika. Your guide will assist you with the fishing. On board we have some Soy Sauce and Wasabi ready for you to enjoy the freshest sashimi caught on the boat by you!

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