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Glacier Country Lake Tours – Misty mornings and fine days!

Finally we feel like summer has hit the West Coast, although the cooler mornings and evening have a crispy autumn feel.  This isn’t bad news for us as the cold mornings and evenings create our favorite misty lake setting.


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Glacier Country Lake Tours – The Salmon Season has begun!

Last week on a drizzly evening Fishing Charter, Dale had a lucky strike with his crew from China and they landed our first sea-run Quinnat Salmon of the season!  Luckily the BBQ was pre-booked and ready to go for some of the freshest salmon steaks you can imagine! Although it wasn’t the sunny summer BBQ …


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Glacier Country Lake Tours – Mirror Quiz

We’ve got a little quiz for you this week. The following photos will be either the right way around or upside down. You have to guess which one is upside down and which one isn’t. a Ready?… here we go: a A B C D E See bottom of the page for the solution.  . …


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Glacier Country Lake Tours – The fish are biting!

All this drizzly weather’s been great for fishing!  We’ve been landing lots of Brown Trout and salmon, even sending a few happy customers home with fish for tea!


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Edible plants around Lake Mapourika – Cabbage Tree

Ever stood in front of this tree and thought “oh what a nice palm tree”? You’re not alone with that and actually not far off either. This so called Cabbage tree is a type of tree lily, like yucca and dracaena. Their tufted heads are a familiar sight in New Zealand.


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Edible plants around Lake Mapourika – Horopito

Ever been tricked into tasting a Horopito leaf? If so, than you know, that the true taste will catch you off guard after chewing it for a little bit. A spicy peppery taste almost numbing your tongue for a few seconds. But next to creating funny faces on people while they get the full taste, …


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Kahikatea – the odorless Jurassic giant

Kahikatea (Dacrycarpus dacrydioides) – New Zealand’s by far tallest forest tree – once grew all over New Zealand’s swampy lowlands. Standing close to each other the over 60 m high trees entwined their buttressed roots for support in the unstable swampy ground being far from a solitary tree. It is suspected, that it is for …


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Glacier Country Lake Tours – The Trout are Biting!

We were busy fishing most of last week, with all Charters successfully landing Brown Trout!  Most of the customers even kept a fish to enjoy as their evening meal. It doesn’t seem to matter what the weathers doing for the fishing trips, we’ve been catching in high winds, rain and even sunshine.  The Lake waters …


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Glacier Country Lake Tours – Salmon Season Approaching!

We just can’t believe it’s almost the end of September!  It’s been lovely weather for most of the month, and we’re now experiencing a little bit of drizzle and overcast at the moment.  This type of weather makes for excellent Lake fishing conditions … and the salmon season is just around the corner!


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Glacier Country Lake Tours – New Video

A special thanks to Dean Trolle in Hokitika NZ, who came down a couple of weeks ago to film us yet another amazing promotional video! Check it out… Ready to book a tour? We’d love to see you on the Lake this summer! BOOK HERE



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