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This morning we took out a film crew from Must Do New Zealand, they were down filming the Te Waonui Forest Retreat and thought they’d spend their last morning fishing and cruising around the lake with us!  We were blessed with sunshine, calm waters and even caught a Lake Salmon!

Glacier Country Lake Tours

The cruise started off with a quick Lake Salmon hooked before the lines were properly set out!  The salmon season has finished so the fish was released back into the Lake.  My mom was over visiting from Canada, and she was given a camera to take a few shots of our own while the shooting was going on!  Here’s a shot of the misty start we had, and a nice angle of our mornings kayak tour with Glacier Country Kayaks:

Glacier Country Lake Tours Glacier Country Lake Tours

We towed a double kayak behind the boat, something we’ve been doing often lately while getting some footage!  This was to enable different camera angles for the video and for the photos.  Perfection.

Glacier Country Lake ToursMy mother managed to catch a photo of some beautiful diving birds:

Glacier Country Lake Tours Glacier Country Lake Tours

And a photo of the Skipper and his boat!

It is unusual for the way it carries its young on its back when swimming. The crested grebe belongs to an ancient order of diving water birds found on every continent in the world. They are rarely seen on land except when they clamber onto their nests on the lake shore. The Australasian crested grebe occurs in New Zealand and Australia but it is threatened in both countries and the New Zealand population probably numbers fewer than 600 birds.

That’s if for this week … remember the winters on the Lake can be some of the BEST for reflections and surreal mountain views.  Book your Charter or Cruise Today!



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